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Car Parking Multiplayer Old Versions

History and Old Versions of Car Parking Multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer (CPM) is a popular mobile driving and parking simulation game for Android and iOS devices. Originally launched in 2017, CPM has been continually updated by developer Olzhass with new features, environments, vehicles, and improvements. As of 2024, CPM has over 100 million downloads.

Origins and Initial Release

CPM was created from scratch by solo developer Olzhass. Inspired by other mobile driving games, Olzhass wanted to build an open world parking simulation with realistic graphics and a focus on multiplayer interaction.

After over a year in development, the first version of CPM was launched in 2017 exclusively for Android devices. This inaugural release already featured a sprawling city map with detailed environments to drive and park in. It also included basic car customization and tuning options.

Initial player reaction was positive – CPM offered polished graphics and smooth driving controls. However, many noted the lack of gameplay variety and multiplayer functionality beyond leaderboards. Olzhass took this feedback seriously and began working on major updates.

Introduction of Multiplayer Modes

In late 2018, a groundbreaking update added real-time multiplayer functionality to CPM, realizing Olzhass’ original vision. Players could now drive around the open world together, interact visually with custom gestures, trade vehicles in real-time, organize car meets, and even role play as police chasing down racers. This transformed CPM into a vibrant community.

With the surge in popularity thanks to multiplayer, CPM hit 10 million downloads in 2019. Olzhass expanded the world, added more realistic traffic patterns and parking mechanics, and welcomed fan feedback to keep improving CPM.

Continual Growth and Updates

Over the next few years, CPM was updated every few months with new content and features. Some major additions included:

  • 2020 – Graphics overhaul with enhanced environments, real car interiors, better lighting and shadows.
  • 2021 – Introduction of racing modes for competitive multiplayer gameplay. Added classic cars like vintage Mustangs.
  • 2022 – Winter map environment theme with snow covered roads. Added hypercars like Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Jesko.
  • 2023 – Enhanced car customization with more body kits and liveries. Added buses and trucks to drive.

As CPM grew into the #1 parking simulation game on mobile, it hit a monumental 100 million downloads in late 2023. An engaged community of car enthusiasts greets every update with enthusiasm.

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